blood pressure shutterstock_79646437Wisconsin divorce attorneys and Wisconsin divorce lawyers should be aware of some traps in the ObamaCare provisions.  Many unsuspecting spouses who may be terminated from their spouse’s health insurance coverage at divorce, annulment or legal separation, may believe that the answer to their health insurance needs may be found in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  A Wisconsin divorce attorney needs to be aware of the problems potentially associated with such a move.

If a client expects to retire soon, it is imperative that the issue of coverage of adult children be addressed.  Generally, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows adult children to remain on a parent’s health insurance coverage through the age of 26, but the Act may not apply to retirement plans.  Make sure a client checks the exact coverage available to assure that coverage of adult children applies.

Despite all of the publicity to the contrary, preventive care is not always 100 percent covered.  This includes routine checkups and tests such as mammograms, colonoscopys, etc.  Some plans are grandfathered and not required to fully cover preventive services.  Out-of-network providers may also have a limitation of benefits.  Some preventive treatment may not be covered under the ACA.  Once again, check coverage in advance, not after the fact, so clients do not receive an unexpected bill for such services.

Wisconsin divorce attorneys and Wisconsin divorce lawyers should be on the look out for inconsistencies or misnomers in the ACA.  Health insurance coverage is a significant issue for all divorcing clients, and clients must be fully versed in the benefits and detriments of the ACA.