Although it is difficult to predict the total amount of your divorce attorney fees, the following are some of the factors that impact the total cost:

  • Whether custody and placement are in dispute
  • Whether your divorce presents any novel legal questions
  • Whether a pension plan(s) is subject to division
  • Whether there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement between the parties
  • Whether either of the parties have received gifted or inherited property, and whether or not that property has been commingled
  • Whether you and/or your spouse have a premarital interest in property or debt
  • The nature and number of the issues contested
  • The cooperation of your spouse and opposing counsel
  • The frequency of your communication with your attorney
  • The ability of you and your spouse to communicate with each other
  • The promptness with which information is provided and/or exchanged between both you and your spouse and the attorneys
  • Whether there are litigation costs, such as fees for expert witnesses or court reporters
  • The extent of discovery
  • The hourly rate of the attorney

Reviewing regular invoices from your divorce/family law attorney and communicating with your attorney about any questions or concerns will help keep you on track with the overall cost of your divorce.