6 Restaurants to visit in West Bend WI

There are lots of restaurants located near Vanden Heuvel & Dineen in West Bend WI. However, you may wish to check out some of the best ones, but knowing where the best ones are can be a challenge. Lucky for you, we have put together a listing of the top restaurants in West Bend. If you would like to learn what the top restaurants are, then read on.

1. The Norbert- The Norbert is a refined place to eat and contains little plates available, however you will love the food and you’ll leave full, so don’t be worried about the size of these dishes. There are weekly specials available, and the dinner menu varies, so before you go into the Norbert you will want to find out what they’re serving. Regardless of what you decide to get, you can rest assure you will love it, so in the event that you like good food and fine dining, then you will love what the Norbert has to offer you.

2. Grasshopper Restaurant- This restaurant is more of a cafe, but you’ll love their food, so make sure that you go there for breakfast or lunch, or drop by to catch yourself a tasty burger. Also, in case you go for breakfast, then you are going to want to obtain a cup of coffee since some reviewers have raved about the coffee there. Whatever you get or once you move there, it is possible to expect the food to taste good and you can expect to get good support. Jailhouse Restaurant- One of the most well-known restaurants in West Bend is the Jailhouse restaurant, which is famous for its fish and steaks, but there are a whole lot of items you may order off their menu. There is also a kids’ menu, so if you have children, they’ll have the ability to order something from it. But since this place is a favorite and is well known for their service and food, they can grow to be very busy, therefore it’s a good idea to see if you’re able to find a reservation, since this will ensure you don’t need to wait about for a seat to open up, in case you go to a busy night.

3. Sal’s Pizzeria– In case you’re in the mood for dinner or you want to dine at a terrific pizzeria, then you are going to want to visit Sal’s Pizzeria, which is notorious for providing fast service and food that tastes great. There’s a excellent selection of pizzas to select from the menu off, as well as some other foods you may enjoy eating. Also, you will love the costs because Sal’s Pizzeria charges reasonable rates for their meals, so if you would like high quality food at a wonderful price, then this is the place to visit.

4. The Poplar Inn– You’ll be impressed with the interior of the Poplar Inn and the general ambiance of this place. Not only that, but the Poplar Inn in West Bend is well known because of their service, as most reviewers have said how great the service was and is when they move there. The restaurant gives you a romantic setting and a fine dining experience, and you can purchase various steaks and fish dishes here, in addition to salads and various other dishes. Some people may think this restaurant to be a costly option, but the price of the food there is well worth paying.

5. Silver Lake Country Inn-The Silver Lake Country Inn serves excellent food and you also have the option of sitting down and eating your dinner inside or you can order takeout, and you’re able to make reservations, which is recommend if you plan on going there on a Friday or Saturday night. The restaurant is started Tue-Saturday also it functions dinner, but there are numerous appetizers to choose from. If you’re searching for a nice place to eat at in West Bend and you also would like a laid back atmosphere, then you may wish to visit this great restaurant. The Braising Pan- One of the best things about this restaurant is how that it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner plus they have a full bar for you to enjoy. The breakfast, lunch and dinner selections are remarkable and it isn’t important how picky of an eater you’re, the odds are you will see something you will want to try at the Braising Pan. Asides from this, the restaurant often has coupons and discounts you can take advantage of, however you will probably find what they offer to be very reasonable, but if you would like to save a little money, then visit their website and see what their current deals are.

6. Riverside Brewery And Restaurant– One of the greatest characteristics of this restaurant is it offers you views of the lake, which means you may enjoy a fantastic meal and some good drinks while overlooking the water. It’s classed as a classic pub and restaurant, which means you can get favorites like chicken tenders, shrimp cocktail, salads and a number of other dishes. If you love a few drinks alongside a few yummy food and a good view of the water, then you are going to want to visit this restaurant when you’re in West Bend.

The six restaurants mentioned above are all worth the trip from anywhere in Wisconsin, and the country. If you are searching for a wonderful place to eat at, then dine at one of the above mentioned. The next time you’re in West Bend, make time to see one of those restaurants discussed in this report.