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The complex elements of property law often confuse the ordinary layman, but talented West Bend real estate attorney, Daniel R. Dineen, from Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C., can help clear up even the most confusing aspects. With residential and commercial property lawyers, our firm can steer you securely through sophisticated property transactions that leave you riding high on the winning end. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the legal details of your property activities, let the respected commercial and residential property lawyer of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C., Attorney Daniel R. Dineen, help you navigate the system efficiently and successfully.

Industry Recognition

Our property lawyers in West Bend have received recognition by many respected legal associations. As a top West Bend real estate attorney, Daniel R. Dineen wants to share his law firm’s success with his clients.

• “Great lawyer, timely service, good advice and reasonable, realistic, real-world for real people, prices. On the subject of lawyers, trust me. I’ve worked for them, with them, and against them. This attorney is a true find.” – Mary Jo’s comment on Attorney Dineen’s skills
• Recognized as a community leader, acting as president of a number of organizations. Dan’s network of contacts is a definitive plus for all his clients
• Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Engage a Professional Real Estate Attorney in West Bend

Since 1982, we have been the expected choice for anyone looking for commercial or residential property lawyers in West Bend. Our property lawyers of West Bend know the industry and they know the area, making Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. the most logical selection for expertise and experience. From a dedicated team of commercial and residential property lawyers, to unwavering attention to client satisfaction, we provide the area’s most benefits and legal features.

• Free case evaluation and initial consultation
• Superior litigation from talented commercial property lawyers
• A real estate attorney in West Bend with property expertise
• A dedicated team of commercial and residential property lawyers
• A track record of consistent courtroom and negotiation success
• All telephone calls returned in 24 hours or less
• Guaranteed availability throughout your transactions

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Take control of your property transaction today with West Bend, Wisconsin, real estate attorney, Daniel R. Dineen, qualified to help you come out ahead. Call Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. at 1-800-805-1976 or 262-338-8874 now!