Washington County has established the Family Law Assistance Program (F.L.A.P.) to help self represented family court litigants.  Attorneys volunteer to assist Washington County self represented family court litigants by providing forms, written instructions, and checklists.  The attorneys also provide procedural guidance and assistance in completing the forms and following the written instructions.

F.L.A.P. takes place every Tuesday from noon to 1:00 p.m., in room 1104 of the Washington County Justice Center.  No appointment is necessary and the assistance is provided to the self-represented persons at no cost.  Please note that volunteer attorneys cannot provide legal advice as part of this program. All parties to Family Court cases are encouraged to consult with an attorney. There is no substitute for legal advice received from an experienced family law attorney. An experienced family law attorney retained by a party can explain options and provide information to that party regarding the long-term legal and financial consequences of those options.