Even police are subject to the law, as was shown when three off-duty Bellevue cops were tossed out of the Hawks stadium on September 16th. The two men and two women were enjoying the game, but becoming a nuisance to those around them and eventually got into an altercation with an on-duty Seattle officer. The three men were thrown out of CenturyLink Field for being intoxicated and using constant foul language during a confrontation with a fan. The fan told The Seattle Times that the three police officers began calling him foul names in front of the man’s 12-year-old son. The fan says that he was worried because the officers were younger than him, tougher than him, and clearly drunk.

He called the stadium ushers to report the officer’s irritating behavior. The ushers in turn contact the Fan Experience authorities and the alcohol-enforcement officers at the game. One of the women at the game was a female officer who told the fan that he should “watch himself” after reporting their behavior to the authorities. Currently, the Bellevue Police Department is investigating the issue and has not confirmed or denied reports. Depending on what evidence they find, they may take legal action or reduce the employment benefits for the officers who set a bad example at the game.

The group also surrounded and taunted a police officer outside the stadium who asked them not to litter when they started dropping trash on the ground. A Seattle officer saw what was going on and called back-up in order to preserve the safety of the female officer. When a sergeant and a lieutenant responded, they were also subjected to taunts, ridicule, and obscenities by the drunken group. This instance shows that police may be an authority but they are not perfect. They can make mistakes too. If you were arrested on false charges or treated roughly by a police officer, talk to a lawyer at our firm! Working this into your case may help to reduce or dismiss your charges!