Hartford WI Child Support Lawyers

One of the most important considerations in any divorce or separation is financially providing for any children the marriage produced. Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. are experienced Hartford, WI child support lawyers who can help you obtain a child support order that will ensure you receive the child support that you need.

In cases where one parent has physical placement of a child, the other parent may be responsible for making child support payments. Our child support attorneys serving Hartford, WI can help you understand your rights as a parent as well as your child’s rights.

Explaining Placement Rights

At Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C., we are successful placement rights attorneys serving Hartford, WI who can make sure that you have a placement schedule that is fair to you as a parent and your child. Placement rights related to a divorce are legal rights granted by a court for a parent of a child. These rights are important. If you have an issue regarding custody and placement, experienced Hartford, WI placement rights lawyers have the legal experience you need to resolve these issues.

A Variety of Services

Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.’s Hartford, WI child support lawyers provide a wide range of legal services for child support and placement rights situations. The services provided by these experienced child support attorneys serving Hartford, WI and placement rights attorneys serving Hartford, WI include:

• Child support, based on Wisconsin statutory factors and DWD Guidelines
• Child custody, determining which parent (or both) have major decision-making rights relative to religion, education, medical care, etc.
• Placement rights, working with the parents, Department of Social Services, Guardian ad Litem to assist the court in determining what placement schedule meets the best interests of the children
• Grandparents’ rights

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The divorce process can be overwhelming, especially when children are involved. Seeking the help of our child custody lawyers in West Bend and placement rights lawyers serving Hartford, Wisconsin, can make the situation easier. Call Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. today at (262) 250-1976 for a free initial consultation