It is Veteran’s Day, and I did not want to let the day go by without honoring my Father for his years of service during and after World War II.  My Dad is one of the unsung Marvin in uniformscan0001heros.  He does not share his memories often, but when I was growing up, he shared photos of his friends from the War.  My Mom and Dad used to go to Michigan on vacation some summers to visit Dad’s “buddy.”  When I look back now in the scrapbooks, there are so many photos of proud young men in their uniforms in far away places.  So many of these heros are now gone, and their memories and histories gone with them.  I want my Dad to know that I treasure the memories he has shared and honor those memories that he wants to maintain close to his heart.  My Dad is 86 years old now.  He is still my hero!  Happy Veteran’s Day!