In Wisconsin you may have the right to seek visitation with your grandchildren.  Courts recognize the importance of the grandchild/grandparent relationship.  Courts recognize that it can be in the child’s best interests to maintain that relationship.  Protect your rights.  Contact to learn what rights you have as a grandparent and under what circumstances you should seek visitation.  If you believe your grandchild is in immediate danger, contact the local authorities in your area, including the police or child protective services.  The statutes that may impact your decision making are:

  • Wisconsin Statute Sec. 48.978 “Appointment or Designation of Standby Guardian of a Child”
  • Wisconsin Statute Sec. 49.90 Grandchild Support:  Grandparent Liability Law
  • Wisconsin Statute Sec. 54.56 “Visitation by a Minor’s Grandparents and Stepparents
  • Wisconsin Statute Sec. 767.43 “Visitation Rights of Certain Persons”
  • Wisconsin Statute Sec. 948.22 “Failure to Support, Grandchild Support