Happy Father’s Day to the dads who are reading this blog. The Pew Research Center recently recorded the changing roles of parents in the United States as marriage rates and traditional family households decrease at a fast rate. Almost half of American fathers under the age of 45 has atleast one child out of wedlock. While you would think to the contrary, the share of fathers living apart from their children is more than double what it was in the recent past. It is the lower income men who are understandably having the most difficult time seeing their children on a regular basis. If a father cannot pay sufficient support, he sometimes becomes estranged from his children. Better jobs also mean better benefits and family-friendly policies, in contrast to lower wage workers. This is not a male factor. It is a factor across the board for all lower wage earning individuals. But these are just statistics. Many men and women, moms and dads, with lower paying jobs are excellent, caring parents on an every day basis.