Mediation plays an important role in custody and placement determinations.  You can save a lot of emotion, time and money if the mediation process is successful.  You should enter divorce mediation with knowledge of your position, but make sure you have the ability to make some compromise, otherwise mediation will be fruitless.  Remember that custody and placement do not relate to child support.  Don’t base your placement schedule on how much child support you will ultimately have to pay.  When you participate in mediation, be patient.  Focus on the future.  Do not attack the other party.  Don’t get overly angry.  Be respectful.  What happens in mediation is generally inadmissable in court, pursuant to Sec. 904.085(3) Wis. Stats.  Your attorney should meet with you prior to mediation, in order to prepare you for the process and to prepare your position.  Make sure that any mediated agreement is only signed after careful consideration and after review by a custody/placement attorney.