Each person’s divorce is different. Some divorces require experienced family law attorneys knowledgeable in the areas of custody and placement, support, property mediation shutterstock_159453722division and related issues. Divorce mediation is a litigation alternative which may impact the turmoil of divorce, both financially and emotionally. In many instances, divorce mediation offers innovative solutions that meet the interests of both parents and the best interests of your children. A trained divorce mediator can offer imaginative and creative resolutions to divorce issues including custody, support and other family law disputes.

Mediation is a process that brings divorcing spouses together in an effort to resolve differences through mutual problem-solving. The mediator is a neutral third party who facilitates creativity and resolution. Mediators facilitate communication between the divorcing spouses. Mediation is voluntary and generally involves one or more sessions between the parties and the mediator. Mediation does not necessarily  mean that the parties are not represented by legal counsel. Legal counsel may work within the mediation process to represent the legal interests of one or both of the parties.  Mediators do not give legal advice to either party. If an agreement is reached, mediators may assist in drafting a Marital Settlement Agreement. If mediation is not successful, the parties can resort to the litigation process. In selecting a mediator, make sure that your selection is well-trained and experienced in the mediation process.

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