1. Do not talk to anyone…except your doctor or attorney.
2. If you are injured, seek medical treatment promptly.
3. Conduct a complete investigation.
4. Get photographs of all important elements in your case.
5. Don’t have your car repaired until you have taken photos of your vehicle’s damage.
6. Don’t sign a release for your medical records to the other party’s insurance company.
7. Never plead guilty to any traffic offense before you consult with your attorney.
8. Keep the adjuster informed about the seriousness of your injuries.
9. Don’t let the adjuster pressure you into settling your case.
10. Know all your damages.
11. Keep all bills and receipts related to your accident.
12. Know all your injuries.
13. Know your sources for insurance coverage.
14. Continue under your doctor’s care until your doctor releases you.
15. Consider and be prepared to file a lawsuit if the settlement offer is not fair.
16. Ask a qualified, experienced personal injury trial lawyer to evaluate your case.
17. If you decide to hire a lawyer, choose one who isn’t afraid to go to court.