Client Testimonials

Linda, I wanted to write to thank you for your good work on this latest matter. And this is twice now I found my experience with your office exceptional – everybody has been consistently professional, capable, and very responsive. It has been a pleasure working with you and your office. You certainly have my recommendation.  Please express my gratitude with the rest of your firm.

Robert J.

I now know one very qualified and practical attorney – one of the admittedly few with whom I have worked. You have changed my future.

Bill H.

Linda, Alison and all the people behind the scenes at your office, you have a gift. Yes, it’s a talent, but it’s more than that. A gift is something that is so natural. Linda, you have given me peace and confidence, and you have inspired me to “keep on swimming,” as a friend of mine says. No matter what life throws at you, with faith, hope, perseverance and all the tools we are given in life, things happen for a reason. Thank you.

Cindy C.

Once again, thank you for all your work. Because of you and your expertise, I am in the process of buying my own home in West Bend. You are one of my life’s most unforgettable people!

Barb J.

Linda, Just wanted to say thank you once more for helping me through my divorce…Please pass on my thanks to your staff.

Gillian T.

I will never be the same physically or psychologically, but you have helped me get my life back on track after my accident. Financially, I can proceed into the future knowing that I can still support my family and myself. Thank you for being there for me, even after my case was settled. You and your staff are the best! I will keep in touch and will certainly remember your birthday!


You were there when I needed help. You showed me that despite the negative stereotype of lawyers that the attorneys in your firm are honest, knowledgeable and truly caring about your clients. Your office if very professional and your staff is truly exemplary. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time.


Linda, thank you for everything you have done for me. You helped save my life. I really appreciate you being there emotionally and professionally for me. I couldn’t of gotten out without your help and support.


I can’t really put into words my gratitude for your help and the successful outcome of my case. You were there for me from the day of the accident to the date of the trial and even now you are checking to see how I am doing. I am very thankful to have such a caring, knowledgeable attorney. You helped me through the entire process. You want to have Vanden Heuvel & Dineen in your corner.


Linda, Robin & Missy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did to make my divorce happen! You all put a lot of hard work, time and effort into it and I appreciated all you did! Thank you again.

Sherrie D.

Great lawyers, timely service, good advice and reasonable, realistic, real-world for real people prices. On the subject of lawyers, trust me. I’ve worked for them, with them and against them. This firm is a true find.

Mary J.

VH&D represented me in my three year divorce that was tenaciously contested by my then spouse and her lawyer. Representation was challenging as communication and cooperation from the opposing counsel were almost non-existent. The VH&D team took a fair and honest approach in pursuit of a final separation. The final ruling exceeded my expectations, and I am enjoying my new found life as a result of the outcome. A year after the divorce settlement, I was taken back to court with a request for increased financial support. VH&D provided outstanding continued support that resulted in a request denial….again, expectations exceeded. While no one wins in a divorce, I feel that VH&D provided the knowledge and expertise that protected me from what would have otherwise been inequitable. Many thanks!!

Jeff K.

You are the best. I should make a commercial for my brother’s [radio] show as a testimonial. I can hear it now. My first line will be, “all cheaters and liars beware! I know a good lawyer!!!”

Mary F.

I really appreciated how Linda guided me through this process. I came to her with the goal of surviving this process with an intact family (a little more extended but intact). Linda and everyone at VH&D helped me to achieve that goal, and to that end I am eternally grateful! Sara and I are still friends, and the kids are flourishing – they haven’t skipped a beat. Thank you all.

Jim V.

Linda, I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done for me. I believe in you and have complete trust in you. I know that you always have my best interests at heart. I am so sorry that I get upset and emotional. I do not mean to direct it at you at all. You are a wonderful person and an amazing attorney. Kim has told me what you are like in court, but it was neat to see you in action. With your talent and wisdom, I believe that you can overcome many obstacles and can accomplish a great deal for me. Even if it is not everything that I hoped or dreamed would come out of it, I know that you will fight your hardest to do the best for me. I love your confidence, compassion and most of all your strength. You have such a special talent and I will try to be strong by following your example. Thank you again!


Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate your honest assessment, your calls and for keeping me up to date on the status of my case. I will recommend your firm to any of my friends and family that need legal help.


On a scale of one to ten your firm is off the charts. You made sure you were always available to me even giving your cell and home phone numbers. You treated me as a valued person and not just as a number.