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There are a lot of problems with ObamaCare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.  While the ineffectiveness of the federal website for health insurance is the most visible problem, con-men and women are fraudulently impacting Americans legitimate search for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  Fraud complaints are rising daily.

The biggest complaint is identity theft with deceptive sales, a close second in fraudulent practices.  New websites purporting to be from the health insurance exchanges are being used as bait and switch tools to obtain personal identification information such as date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, as well as money.  Coupled with the breakdown of the Affordable Care Act website and the complexity of the law itself and the different options available from the state versus the federal government, problems are bound to exist.  But these problems are difficult to address and identify through law enforcement.  And of course the most targeted are the elderly.

Men and women 65 years of age and older who are on Medicare do not need supplemental coverage, but such coverage is being pushed by con-men claiming that such supplemental coverage is required.  Your best bet is to be vigilant.  Ask for verification.  Ask for time to think about your decision.  Get paperwork up front so that you can review its terms.

If you think you are being scammed, immediately contact the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance or the Federal Trade Commission .   The offices of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. can also assist you, if you are one of those unfortunate citizens hit by unscrupulous marketers.  Don’t take the chance.  Contact VHDLAW for help.