If you suspect that your spouse may be up to no good, you may want to investigate your spouse and his or her whereabouts. While Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state where evidence of a spouse’s infidelity is not admissible relative to divorce itself, your spouse’s actions may have impact on other issues such as custody, placement, amount of maintenance, if any.  The following are six ways to successful investigation of your spouse and his or her whereabouts or actions:

  1. Private investigator.
  2. Check cell phone and phone records.
  3. Check MySpace, Facebook, Match.com, Twitter, eHarmony, etc.
  4. Check online browsing history on the computer.  You may then be able to view files and pages your spouse has visited in the past weeks.
  5. Check your spouse’s email account if it is password accessible.  If the computer is located in the marital residence and is jointly used, it probably is not a violation.
  6. Ask.

The best avenue is communication with your spouse or significant other. There are certainly other options recommended by some sources, such as GPS tracking, recording a phone call, etc., but these avenues often times have legal potentially criminal ramifications and are not recommended. If you have any questions or concerns and want to explore your options regarding divorce, legal separation, custody or placement, contact Attorney Linda S. Vanden Heuvel at www.vhdlaw.com.