A 16-year-old girl was recently taken into custody in connection with the fatal shooting of a 47-year-old man at the SeaTac motel. Local sheriffs hope to arrest more suspects in connection with the case and sort out who is responsible in the near future. Detectives are currently on the look-out for a 19-year-old-boy who is considered a suspect. He lives in the Skyway area, but has been in hiding since the shooting took place. The victim of the shooting, Herman Tucker, supposedly died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The sheriff’s department suspects that the shooting was in association with a robbery, but detectives have yet to solidify these details. Tucker was at a local Motel 6 when he was gunned down. The 16-year-old arrested in association with the case is being held in custody on charges of first-degree-murder, and could end up with a life sentence if she is convicted of her alleged crime.

Chances are that the teen will be charged as an adult in the case because of the gravity of the situation. In fact, Washington law demands that 16 and 17-year-olds that are charged with serious and violent crimes be charged as adults. This will give the jury the ability to sentence her to a lifetime in prison or issue the death penalty. Execution sentences have only been carried out four times since Washington approved the death penalty in 1976. Detectives currently suspect that the teen was a prostitute who was picked up by Tucker the night before the murder and brought to the Motel 6 to render her services.

When the sheriff’s searched Tucker’s motel room they found two cell phones inside. One belonged to Tucker, and they believe that the other may have belonged to the girl. On the cell phone were messages about robbing Tucker of the rings on his fingers and the cash in his wallet. The Sheriff’s Office reports that two men and two women were then seen fleeing the room partially covering their faces with clothing. They entered a dark colored vehicle and fled the scene, while Tucker died outside of the hotel room. If you are a youth and have been charged of a serious crime like murder or attempted murder, or even a sex crime like prostitution, then talk to a criminal defense lawyer to get optimal representation.