1.    Make sure you have a comfortable, secure living situation for your children, including a reasonable place for them to sleep.
2.    If possible, remain in the same school district where the children currently attend.
3.    Talk to your employer about maintaining a work schedule that is compatible to your children’s schedule.
4.    Do not introduce your children to your significant other during the custody/placement process, without discussing with your attorney.
5.    Don’t act erratically.  Make sure that you portray stability and the ability to be a positive parent figure for your children.
6.    Don’t speak negatively about your spouse to the children.
7.    Keep your children out of the divorce/custody process.  They should not know each step of the divorce procedure.
8.    Retain an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in the area of family law and custody/placement.
9.    Attend your children’s extra-curricular activities and school events.  Take the children or attend their doctor’s appointments.
10.    Help the children maintain their positive relationships with both sides of the family.  Put the children’s needs first.