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Some of the most emotional and stressful legal situations you can be involved in are family law cases. Whether you have decided to pursue a divorce or legal Linda-Dan-Nate-&-Lisa-2013-bronzeseparation or you are seeking a modification of an earlier divorce agreement, a Washington County family attorney at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. can provide you with the comprehensive support and protection you need. During this life-changing time, you need a lawyer who truly cares for you and who understands that the outcome of your case will have a lasting impact on you and your family. Learn more about these cases and how you can secure the most favorable outcome.

Divorce Areas we can help

  • Divorce – Our firm provides knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel and legal representation in one of life’s most difficult situations, from the preparation of initial pleadings, through any necessary litigation, to obtain the best possible result in your individual case.
  • Military Divorce – When you need assistance navigating the complexities of a military divorce, including issues related to military retirement benefits, child custody and placement during deployment, our attorneys provide the unique knowledge of military divorce law needed for a favorable and knowledgeable outcome of the complex area of military divorce.
  • Collaborative Divorce – Our family law firm helps divorcing couples resolve their differences through a unique problem-solving approach. Collaborative divorce utilizes attorneys and other family professionals to achieve a negotiated settlement that meets the needs of both parties and their minor children without the underlying threat of litigation.
  • Cooperative Divorce – Our divorce attorneys are trained in cooperative divorce, which is based on handling the divorce process amicably and through cooperation without costly litigation, except in the most difficult and non-cooperative situations.
  • Legal Separation – Our dedicated attorneys provide support and counsel in cases where legal separation is the better course of action than divorce, whether due to the potential continuation of health insurance, religious reasons, hope of reconciliation, and other reasons applicable to individual marriages.
  • Mediation –Our attorneys, particularly Attorney Lisa M. Vanden Heuvel, works with clients to minimize the stress of separating households through mediation which promotes settlement and compromise between the parties without the necessity of lengthy and costly litigation.
  • Child Support – Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. assists divorced or separated parents in determining the appropriate amount of child support to be received or paid, taking into consideration the number of children, the children’s placement arrangements, the earning capacity of each parent, etc. Once child support is determined, we also assist in implementation and receipt of the child support.
  • Child Custody – Our family lawyers provide compassionate and innovative solutions to the wide range of variables utilized in determining child custody and placement, including the best interests of the children, wishes of the parents, environmental considerations, Guardian ad Litem recommendations, feasibility of one party maintaining the marital residence, and more.
  • Grandparents’ Rights – When you are not able to see your grandchildren because of divorce or separation, we assist grandparents in obtaining visitation with their grandchildren.
  • Paternity – Assistance in helping unmarried parents resolve the complex issues of paternity, including custody and placement, child support, payment of variable expenses, and more.
  • Premarital Agreements – A prenuptial agreement is a contract which establishes the property and financial rights of each spouse in the event of divorce or death. Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in the preparation of this estate planning tool.
  • Modification of Orders – When any substantial post-divorce changes occur regarding child custody, placement or support, we help protect your legal rights through the process of modifying or clarifying any existing court orders.
  • Adoption – Our firm provides assistance for couples and individuals who want to create families through various forms of adoption, including private adoptions, stepparent adoptions, foster care adoptions, etc. We help parents gain legal parenting rights while ensuring the child’s optimal well-being.
  • Domestic Violence – We have a history of caring for victims suffering from domestic violence and abuse. We have the resources to help you and your family through these difficult times.

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  1. The most important step in filing for divorce is to select an experienced divorce attorney who focuses on the area of family law. Your divorce is important. You do not want to choose a “jack of all trades” lawyer who is unfamiliar with the trends and laws of the State of Wisconsin. Attorney Linda S. Vanden Heuvel and Attorney Lisa M. Vanden Heuvel of Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. have received the highest rating in legal ability and ethical standards and are top-rated divorce, family law, custody and placement attorneys.
  2. Before meeting with a divorce lawyer, think of the questions that are important to you. Is custody and placement the biggest issue? Maintenance? Keeping the family home? It is important that you and your divorce attorney are on the same page.
  3. If you have already been served with divorce pleadings, please provide the pleadings to your attorney at the initial consultation. Bring your prior divorce judgment, if any, as well as any restraining orders, prenuptial, postnuptial or premarital agreement. Paternity and adoption orders may also be significant. The divorce attorney will also ask you for the dates of birth and social security numbers of all members of your family.
  4. One of the most important financial tools in any divorce action is your income tax return. The income tax return not only provides information regarding income from all sources, but also information regarding pensions, investments, business right offs, business expenses, etc. Try to provide at least the last three years of any personal and business income tax returns.
  5. Provide payroll stubs for you and your spouse for the last 12 weeks.
  6. If you have access to bank statements or cancelled checks, this information can provide a treasure trove of information regarding income as well as expenses. Is the mortgage being paid? Is money being spent on vacations? Is there a significant other in the picture? Your bank statements and cancelled checks may be a significant part of any discovery process.
  7. Pension plan, 401k and IRA documents and statements also provide invaluable information. Because the tax rules only allow a certain percentage of income to be allocated toward retirement, it is sometimes possible to calculate income based on the percentage placed in retirement accounts.
  8. It will ultimately be necessary to provide a list of your assets to your attorney. Real estate information should include copies of deeds, mortgage statements, escrow accounts information, tax bills, etc.
  9. Be able to provide copies of any debts or liabilities. It is important to know in whose name the debts and liabilities are listed.
  10. It may be possible to argue that the Court should deviate from a 50/50 property division because of you or your spouse’s premarital assets. Provide your attorney with a list of any premarital assets, including gifts that were made from any family or friends.

The above list is by no means comprehensive, but provides you with basic knowledge relative to the types of documents and information which will aid you in the divorce process.

If you plan to file for divorce in the State of Wisconsin, particularly Washington County, Waukesha County, Ozaukee County, Dodge County, Fond du Lac County, Sheboygan County, Outagamie County, Milwaukee County, Winnebago County or Door County, make sure that you hire a divorce lawyer who thoroughly understands all aspects of divorce law and is familiar with the recent laws and trends in Wisconsin.

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