DUI drivers may get hungry and want to stop through a fast food joint for a snack, but this could prove to lead to arrest, as is evidenced by a story that unfolded in Oak Creek, Wisconsin this week. According to TMJ4 News, a man who was intoxicated pulled up to a McDonald’s drive-thru early in the morning on Saturday.

The worker at the window immediately recognized that the customer was intoxicated, and called the police. The law enforcement officers arrived shortly afterwards and determined that they needed to catch the offender. Officers arrived shortly after the customer had pulled through the drive-thru, and one of the police walked up to the offender’s car when he took off.

Thus began a pursuit as the offender drove away. He was apprehended only a few minutes later, arrested, and taken to jail on charges of driving under the influence and eluding a police officer. When tested, the offender’s alcohol level registered at 0.18% and it was discovered that this was his second arrest for drunk driving. If you have been driving drunk, locals have the right to report your crime.

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